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woensdag 9 december 2015

New Limited Editions 'Drawings - The Bottom Line' bij Vrienden van het S.M.A.K.

New Limited Editions
Vrienden van het S.M.A.K. 

'Drawings. The Bottom Line'

Robin Rhode - Adel Abdessemed - Anna Barriball - Marc Bauer - Elly Strik

Ga de edities bekijken in het S.M.A.K. en reserveer ze alvast: vmhk@scarlet.be.

01.12... 31.12.2015
20% korting, bij aankoop van de 3 tekeningenedities: 

E. Strik - A. Abdessemed - R. Rhode

Raadpleeg ook ons artikel over de tentoonstelling .

Adel Abdessemed | ‘Bird’

Aantal ex.: 30 + 5 a.p.'s 

Formaat: papierformaat: 16,5 x 27 cm | charcoal print

Jaar: 2015

Prijs: €585.00 (framed) | €495.00 (framed) Leden

Robin Rhode | ‘Cutting Corners’

Aantal ex.: 20 + 2 a.p.'s 

Formaat: 40 x 40 cm B/W lambdaprint on mat photo paper 

Jaar: 2013

Prijs: €700.00 (framed) | €650.00 (framed) voor Leden

Anna Barriball | ‘Soundproof Tile 1-10’

Aantal ex.: 10 

Formaat: 30.5 x 30.5 cm | pencil on paper (each one is original)

Jaar: 2015

Prijs: €400.00 (without frame) | €350.00 (without frame) voor Leden

"These drawings are based on a found acoustic tile, a tile with a pattern of holes used to reduce noise and reverberations in a space. They were made whilst realising the wall drawing ‘Soundproof III’ at SMAK. The handmade paper templates were fixed to the wall and repeatedly drawn through to cover the entire surface in pencil dots. Marks accumulated on the paper like notation, silently containing the action, rhythm and sound of the making.", Anna Barriball

Elly Strik | ‘Mooi’

Aantal ex.: 20 + 5 a.p.'s 

Formaat: 47 x 75 cm

Jaar: 2015

Prijs: €250.00 | €200.00 Leden

Marc Bauer | ‘A Viso Aperto’

Aantal ex.: 10 

Formaat: 45 x 32 cm, original drawings on digital print (each edition is different) 

Jaar: 2015

Prijs: €600.00 (without frame) | €500.00 (without frame) voor Leden

De editie is een reproductie van één van de muurtekeningen van Marc Bauer, aangebracht op een museummuur van het S.M.A.K.. Nu te zien in 'The Bottom Line'.

"For this wall drawing I want to work on Memory. Because of recent events, migrations streams across Europe I want to revisit my own family history. My grandfather migrated from Italy, from poverty after WWI. I made a work in 2005 about him, from old family album photographs. So at the same time connect/remember with an older work again. The other memories I want to work with are the forced ones: the temples of Bel in Palmyra, now they're only a memory, an image. This I will develop in the rest of the hallway. The bottom line is, that I want to find links, lines to the past via my own experience, news, current events and make my own story. All this to create fragile images that are on the thin line between the past and the present.", Marc Bauer

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